Jury Selection
153.01   Declaration of policy.
153.02   Prohibition of discrimination.
153.03   Definitions.
153.04   Jury qualification form; contents; procedure for use; penalties.
153.05   Disqualification.
153.06   Excused from jury service.
153.07   Discharge of excess jurors.
153.08   Challenging compliance with selection procedures.
153.09   Preservation of records.
153.10   Mileage and compensation for jurors.
153.11   When juror not entitled to compensation.
153.12   Scheduling.
153.13   Record of allowance to jurors; certification to Auditor.
153.14   Payment of compensation.
153.15   Excused from employment.
153.16   Length of service by jurors.
153.17   Present methods of jury selection to remain in effect  until preparation of master list.
153.18   Provisions apply to selection of jurors for Magistrate Juries.
153.99   Penalty.
Juries - see W. Va. Code Ch. 52