General Provisions
   51.001   Title and authority
   51.002   Purpose
   51.003   Interpretation, abrogation, severability
   51.004   Purpose of catch heads
   51.005   Saving clause
   51.006   Disclaimer of liability
   51.007   Definitions
Drainage Permits
   51.020   Requirement
   51.021   Drainage district or coordinated drainage area permits
   51.022   Application
   51.023   Notification to the Natural Resource and Conservation Service
   51.024   Authority of the administrative official to grant drainage permits
   51.025   Appeals of decisions
   51.026   Hearing
   51.027   Significance of application statewide, intercounty, or city/county application
   51.028   Evaluation of permit applications
   51.029   Conditions
   51.030   Notification of Board hearing
   51.031   Preservation of landowners’ rights and sovereign immunity
   51.032   Expiration of permit
   51.033   Compliance with laws or regulations not affected by permit approval
Drainage Districts
   51.045   Application for repair work on a drainage district
   51.046   City action on maintenance petition
   51.047   Application when drainage district extends into more than one city/county
   51.048   Abandonment of drainage district
Coordinated Drainage Areas
   51.060   Petition
   51.061   Hearing and notice
   51.062   Election
   51.063   Assessment of costs
Drainage Complaints
   51.075   Jurisdiction on drainage disputes
   51.076   Filing a complaint
   51.077   Administrative Official to offer possible resolution/decision
   51.078   Hearing
   51.079   Appeal
Administration and Enforcement
   51.090   Powers and duties
   51.091   Right of entry
   51.092   Stop order and injunction