§ 51.062  ELECTION.
   (A)   Any election regarding a coordinated drainage area shall be held in conformance with SDCL §§ 46A-10A-50 through 46A-10A-54.
   (B)   The Board shall give ten days’ notice of an election by publication in an official newspaper in the proposed coordinated drainage area. The vote shall be taken by ballot in a form provided by the Board. The ballot shall include the question on whether a coordinated drainage area should be established and a note informing voters that all costs of the drainage area will be paid by the landowners within the area.
   (C)   Establishment of the area shall be effective upon the approval of a majority of landowners within the district.
   (D)   If a majority vote against the establishment of the drainage area, no further proceedings may be taken on a similar request for a period of two years.
(Ord. 9, passed 1-18-2007)