§ 51.060  PETITION.
   When the landowners of an area propose to develop a coordinated network of drainage projects, a petition shall be filed with the city requesting the formation of a coordinated drainage area. The petition shall be signed by not less than 25% of the landowners within the area and shall conform to the requirements set forth in SDCL § 46A-10A-49. The petition shall include an accurate survey and map verified by a licensed surveyor which shows the boundaries and area of land included within the limits of the proposed coordinated drainage area. The petition shall also detail the type or types of drainage projects that will be included in the proposed area. The Board shall place the proposed coordinated drainage area map in a convenient public office for at least 20 days for examination by those having an interest in the application and shall set a date for a hearing on the petition.
(Ord. 9, passed 1-18-2007)