(A)   The governing body shall fix and determine by ordinance or resolution the amount of salaries and compensation of all municipal officers and the times at which the same shall be paid.
   (B)   The municipality is authorized to provide the following:
      (1)   Appropriation of funds to compensate the members of boards and commissions;
      (2)   Group life, sickness, and accident, or hospitalization and surgical insurance, with the responsibility for administration of these programs with the governing body, either individually or jointly with other governing bodies;
      (3)   Inclusion in the municipal insurance program of retired employees and officers and their spouses, provided the officer or employee served for at least 15 years and participated in municipal insurance program at least five years immediately preceding retirement; and
      (4)   Appropriation of necessary funds for the cost of all or any portion of the insurance provided by SDCL § 9-14-30 and the deduction from salaries or wages, the employee’s or officer’s share of the cost of such an insurance program.
(Prior Code, § 31.09)
Statutory reference:
   Related provisions, see SDCL §§ 9-12-3.1, 9-14-28, 9-14-33, 9-14-34, and 9-14-35