(a)   It is the continuous duty of the parent of any minor to exercise reasonable control, to manage, direct, superintend, restrict, regulate, govern, administer, or oversee, to prevent the minor from committing any delinquent act.
   (b)   Included (without limitation) in this continuous duty of reasonable parental control are the following parental duties:
      (1)   To keep illegal drugs or illegal firearms out of the home and legal firearms locked in places that are inaccessible to the minor.
      (2)   To know the curfew ordinance of the City and to require the minor to observe the curfew ordinance which is codified in Section509.08 of the General Offenses Code.
      (3)   To require the minor to attend regular school sessions and to forbid the minor to be absent from class without parental or school permission.
      (4)   To arrange proper supervision for the minor when the parent must be absent.
      (5)   To take the necessary precautions to prevent the minor from maliciously or willfully destroying real, personal, or mixed property which belongs to the City, or is located in the City.
      (6)   To forbid the minor from keeping stolen property, illegally possessing firearms, or illegal drugs, or association with known juvenile delinquents, and to seek help from appropriate governmental authorities or private agencies in handling or controlling the minor, when necessary.
         (Ord. 97-9562.  Passed 1-7-97.)