The owner of any premises or real estate on which the alleged nuisance exists, when notice has been served as provided hereinbefore, may within ten days after receipt of such notice, make a demand in writing to the Safety-Service Director for a hearing on the question as to whether or not in fact a public nuisance exists or whether more than thirty days should be granted to the owner to abate the nuisance. If a request for a hearing is made upon the Director, such hearing shall be held within ten days following receipt of the written demand and at least two days’ notice of the date of hearing shall be given to the owner. The hearing shall be conducted by a Hearing Board comprised of the Director, the Fire Chief and the Mayor and in the event any of the aforementioned officials is unable to attend or serve on such Board, the remaining members shall have the right to select an impartial official to serve for the purpose of conducting this hearing. The three members of the Board must concur that a public nuisance exists before enforcement of the abatement is carried out. A majority of the Board may amend or modify the notice and order, or extend the time for compliance by the owner with any parts of the abatement order by such date as the majority of the Board may determine. A copy of the decision and order of the Board shall be promptly served upon the owner in the manner provided in Section 531.03. The decision of the Board and order shall be final and conclusive unless the owner files, within ten days after the decision is rendered, an action in or an appeal from such order with the Municipal Court of the City or the Court of Common Pleas of Mahoning County, Ohio. Otherwise, such order shall become final and conclusive at the termination of such action or appeal proceeding as determined by the Court. (Ord. 6010. Passed 12-7-66.)