If, after inspection and examination of the premises or real estate on which it is reported that a public nuisance exists, the Safety-Service Director and Fire Chief conclude or form an opinion that a public nuisance does exist but that the nature of such nuisance does not require summary abatement, then the Director and Chief shall take photographs and make a complete report as provided in Section 531.02 and file it with the Mayor and Council. After the filing of such report the Director, Chief or Clerk of Council shall cause written notice to be served upon the person, partnership, firm or corporation who is the registered owner of the property as registered in the County Auditor's office. Notice shall be served by a regular member of the Police Department or by the Director or Clerk by:
   (a)    Personally serving such owner or by leaving a copy at his usual place of residence or business.
   (b)    By leaving a copy at the address of such owner as shown by the County Auditor's records.
   (c)    By mailing a copy to the owner's place of residence or business by registered mail with a return receipt requested.
   (d)    By causing notice to be published in the Struthers Journal or a newspaper of  general circulation in the City once a week for two consecutive weeks.
   (e)    By leaving a copy of such notice with the person in possession of the premises  on which it is alleged that such public nuisance exists. If there is no person in possession, then a copy of the notice shall be posted on the premises.
      (Ord. 6010. Passed 12-7-66.)