Whenever a complaint is made or filed with the Mayor, Police Chief, Fire Chief or Safety- Service Director describing or setting out the fact that a public nuisance exists, the officer with whom such complaint has been filed shall promptly give notice of the complaint to the Fire Chief and the Director, who shall then make a thorough inspection of the premises on which it is alleged that such public nuisance exists. After examination and inspection, the Fire Chief and Director shall make a written report of the inspection and findings with respect to the existence of such nuisance. They shall set out in their report the findings as they are related to immediate danger to public health, safety and welfare, which report shall be filed with the Mayor and a copy with Council. Should the Fire Chief and the Director concur in finding that a public nuisance exists and that the nature of such public nuisance is such that it requires some abatement, the Fire Chief and the Director shall determine the person, firm or corporation who, from the records in the County Auditor's office, appears to be title owner of the property or premises on which such alleged nuisance exists. The Fire Chief and Director shall immediately cause a written notice to be served either through registered mail or by a police officer on such person, firm or corporation. Notice shall be personally served and if personal service cannot be completed then written notice shall be left at the usual place of residence or business of the owner or at the address of the owner as shown on the County Auditor's record, or such notice shall be mailed to the owner, occupant or tenant, in which case the Fire Chief and Director shall cause a copy of such notice to be left with the person, if any, who is occupying or in joint possession of the property on which it is alleged that the public nuisance exists. If there is no person in possession a copy shall be posted on the premises by the Clerk of Council and legal notice shall likewise be published in the Struthers Journal or a newspaper of general circulation in the City, setting out the principal elements of such alleged nuisance. The notice shall likewise state the findings made by the Director and Fire Chief with respect to the existence of such public nuisance and shall further state that unless the owner or occupants of such premises cause the abatement of the public nuisance within the time set out in such notice, namely, not less than twenty-four hours nor more than two weeks after the service or publication of notice, the alleged nuisance will be abated by the City at the expense of the owner or occupants. Any actual inspection or finding required to be carried out by any public official under the provisions of this chapter may be carried out by any subordinate officer assigned and properly directed to perform such service by his superior.
(Ord. 6010. Passed 12-7-66.)