(a)    For the purpose of this chapter:
      (1)    "Independent living facility" means a facility for those elderly people who are ambulatory.
      (2)    "Elderly person" means a person age fifty-five years or older.
      (3)    "Elderly couples" means those people legally married and living as husband and wife, at least one of which is fifty-five years of age or older.
   (b)    Within any Residence C-1 District, no building, structure or premises shall be used, arranged or designed to be used in any part, except for one or more of the specified uses:
      (1)    Any use permitted in a Residence C-1 District only.
      (2)    Dormitories, four plex and above to provide independent living facilities for an elderly person or elderly couples.
      (3)    In the event the building is not used for the purpose specified in C-1 classification for a period of one year as approved by Council, it shall revert back to the original zoning classification.
      (4)    Adjacent parking facilities shall be available and provided for the residents on an adjacent or abutting property of spaces to be determined by Section 1161.03.
         (Ord. 86-8363. Passed 11-19-86.)