(a)    No building or structure shall be erected or structurally altered, in or within three hundred feet of a residential zone for use for motion pictures, vaudeville shows or theatrical entertainments of any kind, where an admission fee is to be charged and regular performances are to be given, or for use for a supermarket, shopping center, funeral home,
hotel, hospital, school, apartment, bowling alley, dance hall, establishment for the sale and consumption on the premises of alcoholic beverages, food or refreshments, stadium or auditorium unless space suitable and available for parking the vehicles of patrons, guests, customers or occupants of such proposed establishment is provided on the parcel of land upon which such building is located, or on other private property not more than three hundred feet distant (inclusive of streets and alleys) from any entrance to such building or structure. The amount of parking space so provided shall be as follows:
Type of Building
Parking Spaces
Places for theatrical entertainments of any kind, including motion pictures, where a fee is charged.
1 for each 10 seats
Supermarkets or shopping centers,
3,000 square feet or over
1 for each 300 square feet
Funeral homes
1 for each 100 square feet of ground floor area
1 for each 6 guest bedrooms
1 for each 3 rooms
1 for each 2 classrooms
Multiple dwellings and apartments
1 for each dwelling unit
Bowling alleys
4 for each alley
Dance halls
1 for each 100 square feet of area used for dancing
Establishments for the sale and consumption on the premises of alcoholic beverages, food or refreshments, of 1,000 square feet or more
1 for each 200 square feet
Stadiums, sport arenas or auditoriums
1 for each 8 seats
   (b)    The plans and specifications, accompanying the application for permit, shall show the locations, size and suitability of the parcels of land to be used for such parking space, and shall set forth the facts showing the title and right of the applicant to use such parcels for the parking of vehicles of patrons, guests, customers or occupants of the proposed establishment, so long as it shall be in operation.
   (c)    Whenever a parking lot or a driveway to a parking lot is hereafter laid out to adjoin the side or rear line of a lot in a residence district, a solid masonry wall or substantial slightly tight fence five feet high shall be constructed and maintained along such side or rear lot line, except where it would project beyond a required building line. The lighting, including permitted illuminated signs on such parking lot or driveway shall be reflected away from residential areas and so arranged as to cause no annoying glare thereto.
   (d)    In any use, district driveways and parking spaces for the use of more than four motor vehicles shall be surfaced and drained to confine dust and splashing therefrom to the premises.
   (e)    The Board of Appeals may, when in its opinion the best interests of the community will be served thereby, permit temporarily or permanently, the use of land in a residence district for a parking lot where the land abuts, or is across the street from a district other than a residence district on condition that:
      (1)    The lot is to be used only for the parking of passenger automobiles of employees, customers, patrons or guests of the person or firm controlling and operating the lot, who shall be responsible also for its maintenance.
      (2)    No charge is to be made for parking on the lot.
      (3)    The lot is not to be used for sales, repair work or servicing of any kind.
      (4)    Entrance to and exit from the lot are to be so located as to do the least harm to the residence district.
      (5)    No advertising sign or material is to be located on the lot.
      (6)    Whatever setback building lines would be required on the land if used for residence purposes are to be maintained when it is used as a parking lot and all parking shall be within such lines, except as specifically authorized by the Board of Appeals.
         (Ord. 3813. Passed 12-5-56.)