(a)    Application for Providing Facilities.  Any application for a permit to construct a building or parking area, or for a certificate of occupancy for a change in use of land or a building, shall include a site plan drawn to scale and fully dimensioned, showing the proposed design of the parking area and loading facilities to be provided in compliance with the provisions of this chapter.
   (b)   Determination of Required Parking Facilities.  The Planning Commission shall determine the minimum number of spaces required for accessory off-street parking by applying the measurement units in Section 1270.03, the parking area design standards in subsection (c) hereof, the schedule of parking requirements for the various uses in Section 1270.05 and any other applicable provisions of this Zoning Code.  Where the computation results in a fractional space, it shall be counted as one additional space required.
   The Planning Commission may vary the parking requirements of this chapter where it finds that due to the nature of the particular use, such requirements will not be adequate to provide sufficient parking or where the strict application of the requirements will result in an excessive amount of parking related to the particular use.
   (c)    Parking Area Design Standards.  The plan for parking spaces of a parking area included with an application to construct a building or parking area, or change in use, shall be designed and dimensioned in accordance with the drawing in Appendix III, Parking Area Design Standards, which is a part of this Zoning Code. 
(Ord. 1978-165. Passed 10-16-78.)