(a)    Buildings which have received specific recognition as historic places by any of the following:
      (1)    National Register of Historic Places - Department of Interior.
      (2)    State of Ohio Register of Historic sites as maintained by the Ohio Preservation Office - Ohio Historical Society.
      (3)    Local designation by an agency as established under law to render judgment as to architectural and/or historic quality and significance,
may be used for business activities such as offices, restaurants and specialty retail shops provided such business activities are located and maintained within the historic building and any approved expansion thereof.
   (b)    Any determination as to whether such business activity may be permitted shall be considered as an expansion of the use regulations of a Public Facility District and not as a variance applying to a particular situation.
   (c)    All applications for permits to expand the use of a recognized historic building as described above shall be submitted to the Planning Commission and, after approval by it, confirmed by Council before a building permit may be issued.
   (d)    In evaluating any proposal which includes exterior modifications to a historic structure and/or site, the Commission shall engage the services of a consultant qualified in the field of historic preservation.  The cost for such services shall be paid by the individual or firm seeking approval as provided in this section.
   (e)    A proposed business and/or office use to be located in any historic building shall meet all the area, yard, parking and sign regulations of a corresponding use as found in Chapters 1258 and 1260 of this Zoning Code. 
(Ord. 1978-195.  Passed 3-5-79.)