The purpose of these Regulations and the intent of the legislative body, in their adoption, is to guide and control the planning, subdividing and development of land and to provide procedures for the administration thereof in order to promote and protect the public health, safety, convenience, comfort, prosperity and general welfare of the City and to achieve, among others, the following objectives:
   (a)   To encourage the orderly development and redevelopment of land to obtain har monious and stable neighborhoods;
   (b)    To provide for the reservation and dedication of land for safe and convenient pedestrian and vehicular circulation and public open spaces for schools, recreation and other public purposes;
   (c)    To provide for the construction of streets and utilities which will be adequate and economical to maintain;
   (d)    To assure the accurate surveying of land and preparing and recording of plats, and
   (e)    To provide for the coordination of land development in accordance with the objec tives of the Comprehensive Plan, the Major Thoroughfare Plan, the Community Facilities Plan and the City Zoning Code. 
(Ord. 1967-163.  Passed 12-18-67.)