R-O Residence Office District
1145.01   Purpose.
1145.02   Uses.
1145.03   Minimum lot area and lot width.
1145.04   Minimum dimension for required yards.
1145.05   Building height.
1145.06   Site plan approval required.
      Supplementary regulations - see P. & Z. Ch. 1151
      Conditional zoning certificates - see P. & Z. Ch. 1153
      Parking and loading requirements - see P. & Z. Ch. 1155
      Nonconforming uses - see P. & Z. Ch. 1157
      Sign regulations - see P. & Z. Ch. 1159
      Site plan review - see P. & Z. Ch. 1152
   1145.01  PURPOSE.
   The R-O Residence Office District is established to:
   (a)    Provide sufficient land area for the residence office needs of the community and to insure the availability of suitably designated areas for office and multiple family uses by discouraging undesirable mixtures of unrelated uses in the area.
(b)   To locate offices and multiple family residential uses adjacent to necessary supporting commercial activities and to utilize the zoning district where appropriate as a buffer between single-family and commercial activities in order to stabilize residential and business development and enhance property values.
(c)    To encourage the tendency of businesses to group in centers for their mutual advantage.
(d)    To integrate compatible residential and office business uses, which have similar site characteristics such as building massing, parking and vehicular movements and landscaping requirements.
   (Ord. 1981-42. Passed 3-23-81.)
   1145.02  USES.
   (a)    Principal Uses.
(1)    Multiple family residences including townhouses and garden apartments.
(2)    Administrative or professional offices and service but excluding activities selling goods on the premises, except as permitted by subsection (a)(5) hereof. Permitted activities include: banking and finance companies, securities sales and service, legal services, architectural services, engineering services, governmental administrative offices, administrative offices and for businesses, utilities and similar organizations.
      (3)    Medical and dental office buildings and out-patient clinics.
      (4)    Public and private educational facilities including business and commercial technical schools, art schools, dancing schools.
      (5)    Convenience commercial facilities not exceeding twenty percent (20%) of the gross floor area of the building or buildings on the zoning lot. Convenience commercial shall include: retail uses when primarily serving the daily needs of occupants, tenants or visitors and guests to a principal use or uses for activities on the same zoning lot and including stores and shops for retail sale of all types of personal and household needs to include drugs, dry goods, wearing apparel, flowers, periodicals, gift items; personal service establishments such as shoe repair, barber and beauty shops; restaurants.
   (b)    Conditional Uses. The Planning and Zoning Commission may issue conditional zoning certificates for uses listed herein subject to the requirements of Chapter 1153:
      (1)    Public and parochial schools.
      (2)    Quasi-public, institutional or organizationally owned and/or operated indoor recreational, instructional and meeting facilities such as those developed and used by the YMCA, YWCA, Boy Scouts or various fraternal or community service groups.
      (3)    Churches and other buildings for the purpose of religious worship.
      (4)    Institutions for human medical care, hospitals, sanitariums, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, independent senior living facilities, child day care centers, and philanthropic institutions.
      (5)    Libraries and museums.
      (6)    Bank and auto drive-up tellers provided that a minimum of four vehicle waiting spaces are provided for each drive-up teller window and provided further that the waiting space area shall be developed according to the appropriate general parking regulations in Section 1155.03.
      (7)    Private technical schools.
      (8)    Home occupations.
      (9)    Public utility services and pertinent structures including utility substations and transformers, but excluding office buildings and storage distribution facilities.
      (10)    Publicly or privately owned and/or operated recreational facilities generally used intensively, including picnic areas, parks, playgrounds, ballfields, swimming facilities, tennis clubs, golf courses, riding academies and country clubs.
      (11)    Oil, gas and brine wells, drilling and operations necessary for their extraction, storage and skimming.
   (c)    Accessory Uses.
      (1)    Accessory buildings or uses which are incidental to primary uses.
      (2)    Signs in compliance with Chapter 1159 of this Zoning Ordinance.
         (Ord. 2018-108.  Passed 9-10-18.)
   (a)    When a parcel of land in the Residence Office District is developed for residential purposes, in whole or in part, the minimum land area shall be one-half acre and the minimum lot width shall he 100 feet.
   (b)    The minimum land area for office development shall be not less than one acre and the minimum lot width shall be not less than 150 feet.
(Ord. 1981-42. Passed 3-23-81.)
   The minimum depth for the required front yard and rear yard, the minimum width for the required side yards are specified as follows:
Required setback when the adjacent property line does not abut a single family residential zoning district
Required setback when adjacent property line abuts a single family residential district
Front Yard
Side yard (each)
Rear yard
   (Ord. 1981-42. Passed 3-23-81.)
   1145.05  BUILDING HEIGHT.
   A building structure for permitted principal use or conditional use, shall not exceed thirty-four feet in height; and any building or structure for permitted accessory use shall not exceed twenty feet in height, except for permitted height exceptions pursuant to Section 1151.02.
(Ord. 1981-42. Passed 3-23-81.)
   Site plans of the development shall be subject to, submitted and approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission to insure compliance with the standards set forth in this ordinance.
(Ord. 1989-49. Passed 8-28-89.)