T-1 Mobile Home District
1141.01   Purpose.
1141.02   Uses.
1141.03   Application.
1141.04   General standards.
1141.05   Specific requirements for mobile home park.
1141.06   Specific mobile home and mobile home lot requirements.
1141.07   Mobile home park facilities building.
      Supplementary regulations - see P. & Z. Ch. 1151
      Conditional zoning certificates - see P. & Z. Ch. 1153
      Parking and loading requirements - see P. & Z. Ch. 1155
      Nonconforming uses - see P. & Z. Ch. 1157
      Sign regulations - see P. & Z. Ch. 1159
   1141.01  PURPOSE.
   The T-1 Mobile Home District is created to provide for the regulation of existing mobile home areas in the City and to regulate the use of mobile homes therein.
(Old. 1980-20. Passed 1-28-80.)
   1141.02 USES.
   Within the T-1 Mobile Home District, no building, structure or premises shall be used, arranged to be used or designed to be used, except for the following use:
   (a)    Permitted Use.
      (1)    Mobile homes for one family dwellings, one per mobile home lot.
         (Ord. 1980-20. Passed 1-28-80.)
   1141.03  APPLICATION.
   When an owner of property desires to establish or modify a mobile home park, he shall apply to the Planning and Zoning Commission for such purpose by submitting to them an application together with a plot plan prepared by and bearing the seal of an Ohio registered engineer, complete in detail, and showing the following:
   (a)    Location and legal description.
   (b)    Entrance to and exits from the park.
   (c)    Vehicular roadways, driveways and pedestrian walks.
   (d)    Design, showing size and arrangement of mobile home lots and location of roadways, service and utility buildings.
   (e)    Topography by two foot contour intervals.
   (f)    Areas set aside for recreation, clothes washing and drying, storage and off-street parking.
   (g)    Provision for trash and garbage removal.
   (h)    Gas, electric and phone service connections to each space; service connections shall be underground.
   (i)    Provision for lighting of roadways, driveways and pedestrian walks.
   (j)    Water and sanitary sewer and storm sewer availability and distribution lines to each space.
   (k)    Typical lot plan.
   (l)    Approval of the City Health Department.
   (m)    Provisions for fire protection hydrants on a metered system at not more than 350 foot intervals.
   (n)    Provisions for off-site drainage improvements as required by the City Engineer to prevent downstream erosion or run-off damage.
      (Ord. 1980-20. Passed 1-28-80.)
   (a)    A mobile home park shall have access to adequate streets and highways with pavement not less than thirty-six feet wide.
   (b)    Environmental factors involved shall assure that livability in a mobile home park may be secured and any adverse effects on surrounding uses or property values eliminated. In considering livability, recognition shall be given to the placement of mobile homes on lots and the availability of schools. There shall be no undue impact on the school district caused by the increased number of school children from the location of the mobile home park.
   (c)   The mobile home park shall be so arranged that all mobile home lots and accessory buildings shall front on an interior roadway. Any lots abutting a dedicated public right of way shall be fenced and screen planted.
(Ord. 1980-20. Passed 1-28-80.)
   No application for a mobile home park shall be approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission nor shall a mobile home park be permitted thereafter, unless it meets the following requirements:
   (a)    The minimum width shall be 250 feet.
   (b)    The minimum front yard set back shall be twenty-five feet except when it fronts on a State highway which shall require fifty feet.
   (c)    The minimum side yard setback shall be ten feet along interior lot lines, fifteen feet along public side streets except if the side street is a State highway which shall require a minimum of twenty-five feet.
   (d)    The minimum rear yard setback shall be fifteen feet, except when the rear yard abuts a dedicated public right of way which shall require a minimum of twenty-five feet.
   (e)    Entrance and exit roadways shall connect to a public street or highway and be not less than thirty-six feet wide. Entrance and exit roadways shall connect into the park roadways so that the roadway system shall be continuous.
   (f)   All utility installations, including but not limited to electric power lines, telephone lines, television lines and the service connections therefor, shall be underground.
   (g)    The minimum area for a mobile home park shall be ten acres and the density of mobile home lots shall not be more than ten to the net acre. "Net acreage" means the acreage remaining after the deductions of areas set aside for storage, recreation, clothes drying, garbage and trash collection points, utility and service buildings, roadways, driveways, walkways and off-street parking.
      (Ord. 1980-20. Passed 1-28-80.)
   No application for a mobile home park shall be approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission, nor shall a mobile home park be permitted, unless the mobile home lots and the placement of mobile homes thereof meet the following specific requirements:
   (a)    Minimum Area of Mobile Home Lot: 3,600 square feet.
   (b)    Minimum Area of Mobile Home: 400 square feet.
   (c)    Maximum Height of Structure of Mobile Home: Sixteen feet.
   (d)    Minimum Width of Mobile Home Lot at Setback Line: Forty feet.
   (e)    Minimum Length of Mobile Home Lot: 100 feet.
   (f)   Minimum Front Yard Setback of Lot: Twenty feet. (This shall mean the street side of lot.)
(g)    Minimum Rear Yard Setback of Lot: Ten feet. (This shall mean opposite side of front yard.)
(h)    Minimum Side Yard on Entry Side of Mobile Home: Twenty feet.
(i)    Minimum Side Yard Opposite the Entry Side of the Mobile Home: Five feet.
(j)    Mobile homes shall not be closer together than twenty-five feet at side yard and twenty feet at rear yard.
(k)    No mobile home shall be placed closer than ten feet to a private interior roadway or driveway. Each mobile home shall have access to the interior park roadway system.
   (l)    Every mobile home lot shall be provided with a concrete pad not less than ten feet by forty feet to furnish a stable base for the mobile home.
(m)    Each mobile home lot in each mobile home park shall be provided with an on- lot parking space for two automobiles. The parking space shall be paved according to the same specifications as the interior streets.
(n)    The mobile home bottom shall be enclosed. Enclosure shall be with commercially produced fireproof material and shall completely enclose the mobile home from the bottom of the chassis to the surface of the ground or concrete pad.
(o)    No buildings or structures shall be added to a mobile home except a patio, unenclosed or unheated, enclosed porch, or carport. The total square footage for all additional buildings or structures, exclusive of the patio shall not exceed 160 square feet, nor shall they extend more than ten feet from a mobile home.
      (Ord. 1980-20. Passed 1-28-80.)
   (a)    An enclosed facilities building of a minimum of 2,000 square feet with space devoted to office, laundry, toilet and recreation shall be provided in each mobile home park and no application shall be approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission and no mobile home park shall be permitted without one.
   (b)    The following minimum yard requirements shall apply to any mobile home park facilities building:
      (1)    Minimum front yard: fifty feet.
      (2)    Minimum side yard: twenty-five feet.
      (3)    Minimum rear yard: twenty-five feet.
   (c)    The maximum building height shall be twenty-five feet.
      (Ord. 1980-20. Passed 1-28-80.)