Legal counsel that is other than the Law Director and his/her staff may only represent the City’s interest in the circumstances stated below. This provision is applicable whether such legal counsel is to receive a fee for such representation or is to provide such services without fee:
   1.   The specific attorney or firm of attorneys must be approved by Council by resolution; and
   2.   Such representation shall be limited to one specific matter as defined by Council in such resolution; and
   3.   The maximum amount of money which may be expended for such legal services shall be stated in such resolution, if such service are to be provided for a fee.
   4.   The attorney or firm of attorneys shall present their findings to the Council and the Law Director.
   Neither the Law Director, the Mayor, City Council nor any other agency or official of City Government may retain or hire legal counsel, whether or not for a fee, to provide legal services to the City, except in accordance with the provision of this Section 9.06.
   In the event that an insurer provides, at its own expense, legal counsel to represent the City, then such legal counsel may be designated in the manner provided in the insurance contract between the City and the insurer and City Council’s approval of such attorney, or firm of attorneys, shall not be required.
(Amended 11-2-10)