In the event of the death, resignation, recall or removal of the Law Director, the Mayor shall have emergency power to appoint a temporary replacement for up to 75 days with confirmation of Council required to continue beyond such time. Said appointee shall serve until a successor is elected at the next general election of City offices.
   Where such vacancy occurs less than 31 days prior to filing petition deadlines for next City elections, said appointee shall serve the remainder of the term.
   Such appointee shall be deemed qualified under the provisions set forth in the Charter except for residency which may be waived temporarily for the remainder of the term of said appointee. Such residency waiver shall only apply toward appointment for the remainder of term or until a successor who qualifies is elected.
   The Deputy Director shall have immediate acting power of the Director, regardless of residency, until a replacement Law Director is appointed.
(Enacted 11-4-97)