The Law Director shall be authorized to make typographical corrections to or changes or deletions in, as well as changes in the form of, the Charter; however, the changes shall relate to matters of form only. Any such modification, change, or correction shall, in all cases, be approved by resolution of Council, prior to going into effect. In no event shall any such modification, change, or correction affect the construction, meaning, substance, or intent of the Charter as adopted and amended by the people.
   The Law Director may correct obvious misspellings and typographical errors.
   The Law Director may divide the text of any section or paragraph into shorter paragraphs or subparagraphs and letter or number the same to improve clarity and ease of reference.
   The Law Director may renumber the sections and rearrange their order to provide:
   (a)   More coherent grouping of sections related in subject matter; and
   (b)   Continuous, consecutive numbering of sections.
   Upon the adoption of any amendment that creates or abolishes an office or offices or changes the powers or duties of any officer or agency of the City, the Law Director shall make necessary correlative changes in existing sections that refer to such offices, officers, or agencies by deleting therefrom, as the case may be, the name of the office abolished or title of the officer or agency no longer having such powers or duties and inserting therein, as the case may be, the name of the office created or the title of the officer or agency then having such powers or duties.
(Amended 11-4-80)