Upon receipt of an application as provided for by Section 929.02, the Municipal Utilities Commission shall thereupon ascertain whether or not a main sewer is located in the street, alley, easement or way to which the property to be served abuts, to which such connecting sewer may be constructed and connection made thereto and shall so advise such applicant. In the event such connecting sewer may be constructed in the public streets, alleys, easements or ways of the City and may be connected to a main sewer, such applicant shall pay in advance a service connection charge as provided by this article. In the event the cost of constructing the main sewer to which the connecting sewer is to be connected was not paid by such applicant or his predecessor in title as defined in this article, such applicant shall also pay the fee as provided by this article in lieu of assessment for construction of a main sewer. Upon payment of the service connection charge, and the fee in lieu of assessment, where applicable, the Commission by and through its employees or agents, or by and through a duly authorized independent contractor, shall cause such connecting sewer to be so constructed over, along and through such public streets, alleys, easements or ways from such main to within approximately two feet of the line of such applicant or other agreed point.
(1967 Code §22-14)