511.03 ROAD RACES.
   (a)    No person, group of persons, or organizations shall conduct or participate in any road race upon any street, highway, or alley in the City without first obtaining a permit signed by the   Mayor and the Chief of Police. Only race courses pre-approved by Proclamation of the City Council may be used. No race course will cross railroad tracks. Each race course will have a required minimum number of volunteers to be supplied by the road race organizer.
   (b)    Fee for a road race is one hundred dollars ($100.00). Applications for such permit shall be made on such forms as may be prescribed and shall contain such information as is reasonably necessary to a fair determination of whether a permit should be issued. Information on the application will include an approximate number of participants, the race route desired, and the number of volunteers.
   (c)    The organizer of a road race is required to have insurance for the event. Proof of insurance must be turned in with the application.
   (d)    The use of permanent markings on the road, highway, or alley for the purpose of course markings is prohibited. Permanent markings on any street sign, utility pole, or tree are prohibited. Course markings will only be temporary in nature and must be removed within two hours of the completion of the road race. Approved course markings include colored tape, chalk, removable signs, orange barrels, orange traffic cones, plastic fencing, or colored ribbon.
   (e)    All volunteers shall wear a high visibility vest, shirt, jacket, or other clothing of a type which meets the current ANSI and/or ISEA requirements at the date of the event. The City is not required to furnish any such high visibility clothing.
   (f)    Applications and any required fees shall be filed not less than 30 days before the time intended for such parade and will be required to produce a certificate of insurance for the
   (g)    All road races must be held on Federal or State recognized Holidays, Saturdays, or Sundays. All road races must begin between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
   (h)    Permits may be refused or cancelled under provisions listed under Section 511.07 .
(Ord. 2015-05. Passed 5-4-15.)