(A)   Any building, structure, or use of land, when erected or enlarged, shall provide for off-street parking spaces for automobiles in accordance with the following provisions of this section.
   (B)   Parking plan. A parking plan shall be required for all uses except for detached single household dwellings and two household dwellings. The parking plan shall be submitted to the city as part of the application for the zoning permit. The parking plan shall show the following:
      (1)   The boundaries of the property;
      (2)   The parking spaces;
      (3)   Access driveways;
      (4)   Circulation patterns;
      (5)   Drainage and construction plans;
      (6)   Illumination;
      (7)   Boundary walls;
      (8)   Fences; and
      (9)   Screening plan.
   (C)   Whenever an existing building or use changes in use or is enlarged in floor area, number of employees, number of dwelling units, seating capacity, or otherwise that creates a need for an increase in the number of existing parking spaces, additional parking shall be provided based on the requirements set forth in Table 301-1: Additional Parking Requirements.
When a building or use is enlarged or expanded an amount equaling...
0% - 9%
No additional parking is required
10% - 49%
Additional parking is required based on the enlargement or change
50% or greater
Building or use shall fully comply with the parking requirements set forth herein
(Ord. 4-2016, passed 3-2-16)