§ 152.20  PERMITS.
   (A)   No permit shall be issued by the Building Official until the fees set forth in the following division (G) shall have been paid. Each permit shall show the owner's name, the location of the premises, the operations involved, and shall include a receipt for the amount paid.
   (B)   Except as provided below, any person, firm, or corporation who performs work for which a permit is required by this chapter without first having secured a permit, shall be deemed in violation and subject to the penalties provided in this chapter.
      (1)   Emergencies. In case of emergency where there is actual and immediate risk of failure or collapse of a building or structure or the existence of defective equipment or service facilities such as to endanger life or health or such other condition as to require immediate action to make repairs necessary to prevent the occurrence of such failure or collapse or the occurrence of such danger and time available is not sufficient to allow the securing of a permit from the Building Official as required by this chapter, the person, firm, or corporation required to perform such repairs may proceed to do so after having first notified the Building Official of such fact without obtaining a permit as required by this chapter. In case the Building Official is unavailable, notice shall be given to the nearest fire or police official.
      (2)   Any person who shall commence any installation of work for which a permit is required by this chapter without first having obtained a permit therefor shall be subject to penalties as outlined in § 152.99 and shall, if legally authorized and subsequently allowed to obtain a permit, pay double the permit fees prescribed by division (G), except work covered by division (G)(1), in which case they shall pay a $50 penalty, provided, however, that this requirement shall not apply to emergency work or installations as provided by division (B)(1), when it shall be proved to the satisfaction of the Building Official that such work or installation was urgently necessary and that it would have been impractical to have awaited the normal time consumed in application for and issuance of the permit. Nevertheless, even in such emergencies the required permit shall be obtained without unreasonable delay after installation starts, and in no case more than three days in which the office of the Building Official is open for business, or the extra fee as herein provided shall be charged for the permit. In no case shall the extra penalty fee exceed $2,000.  Before issuing such permit, the Building Official shall take necessary steps to determine whether work performed prior to the date of permit and inspection conform to the chapter. Such steps may include but shall not be limited to directing the tearing out of sections of surface work for access to subsurface sections, digging for access to foundations, piping, and other subterranean work and the like. The applicant for the permit shall perform all such work as may be directed at his own expense.
   (C)   Time limitation of permit. Work authorized by a permit must start within 12 months of the date of plan approval; except that for reasonable cause, the Building Official may grant not more than one extension of time for an additional period of 12 months per paragraph (C)(1). Any permit shall become invalid if work authorized under the permit has had no substantial progress within 12 months of plan approval. A permit shall also become invalid if work is suspended, postponed or abandoned with no substantial progress for a period of six months. In the case of suspension of work, two extensions may be granted for six months each per paragraph (C)(2).
      (1)   When a permit is about to expire, the owner and/or applicant shall submit a letter to the Building Official stating reasons for and requesting an extension at least ten days prior to the expiration. Should the Building Official determine an extension is justified, he or she may issue an extension upon and payment of a fee of $50.
      (2)   Ten days prior to the expiration of the permit because work has been suspended, the owner and/or applicant shall submit a letter to the Building Official stating the reasons for and requesting a six-month extension. Should the Building Official determine an extension is justified, he or she may issue an extension upon and payment of a fee of $50. If a second extension of the permit is necessary due to suspension of work, the owner and/or applicant shall submit a letter to the Building Official ten days prior to the expiration of the first extension, stating the reasons for and requesting a second six-month extension. Should the Building Official determine an additional extension is justified, he or she may issue an extension upon and payment of a fee of $50.
   When a permit has expired, the Building Official shall issue a stop work order requiring the owner to make conditions safe and informing him that he shall be responsible for obtaining new permits prior to such time that he decides to commence the work. Where work has progressed to a point, the Building Official shall place a notation in the file indicating the extent of work completed.
   (D)   Revocation of permits. The Building Official may revoke any permit or approval issued under the provisions of this chapter or may stop the work for any of the following reasons:
      (1)   Whenever the continuance of any work becomes dangerous to life or property;
      (2)   Whenever there is a violation or alteration of any condition on which the issuance of the permit or approval was based; or
      (3)   Whenever any false statement or misrepresentation has been made upon the application, drawings, or specifications on which the issuance of the permit or approval was based.
   The revocation notice of the permit in every instance shall be in writing and shall be served upon the holder of the permit, the owner, his agent, or the person having charge of the work. Any revocation notice shall be posted upon the building or structure in question by the Building Official. After the notice is received or posted, it shall be unlawful for any person to proceed with any operation for which such a permit was issued. No part of the fees for such permit shall be returned. Revocation of a permit shall be subject to appeal.
   (E)   Rescinding the revocation. The Building Official may rescind the revocation of the permit in which case the applicant shall pay a fee equal to the original permit fee or $50, whichever is less, or the applicant may appeal to the Ohio Board of Building Appeals for those permits regulated by the Ohio Building Code or the Board of Housing, Building, and Fire Appeals for all other permits, in which case he shall pay the appropriate fee for a hearing.
   (F)   Records of fees. Records shall be kept by the Building Official of all fees received, and all fees received by said Building Official shall be deposited with the fiscal officer of the city to the credit of the General Fund.
   (G)   Schedule of fees.
      Accessory Structures
      Detached Garages
      Swimming Pools/Spas
      Fireplaces and Wood Stoves
      Furnace Replacement
      Air Conditioning (New or Replacement)
      Covered Porches or Patio Enclosures
      Interior Remodeling
      Water Heater Replacement
      (2)   New buildings and additions thereto:
FEE/100 S.F.
C of O FEE
1, 2 & 3 Family
F, S, H, U
R-2, R-3, M, B
A-2, A-3, I-1, I-4, R-1, R-4
A-1, A-4, A-5, E, I-2, I-3
      (3)   Partial permits.
         (a)   Footing and foundation release - 10% of fees as determined in subdivision (2) above with a minimum fee of $100.
         (b)   Shell buildings - 80% of fees as determined in subdivision (2) above with a minimum fee of $300.
      (4)   Alterations to buildings:
         (a)   60% of the fee per 100 square feet as determined in subdivision (2) above but not less than $100.
         (b)   Certificate of Occupancy - $60.
      (5)   Reroofing, retaining walls, repair and shoring of buildings, antennae and miscellaneous structures:
         (a)   $100 minimum, all permits included in this category.
         (b)   $200 for roof areas over 50,000 square feet.
         (c)   $200 for retaining walls over 50 feet in length.
         (d)   $200 per antenna over 50 feet in height.
      (6)   Swimming pools/spas: $100 each.
      (7)   Tents: The permit fee for the erection of a tent approved as to construction, use, and location shall be $50 and shall be valid for a maximum of 30 days.
      (8)   Signs: The following signs are exempt from permits and fees:
         (a)   Any sign permitted by the Zoning Code for a single-family residence.
         (b)   Special event signs allowed under § 153.461(A) of the Zoning Code.  Otherwise, sign fees are:
            1.   Wall and window signs -
               A.   Illuminated - $.70 per square foot; minimum fee of $75.
               B.   Non-illuminated - $.50 per square foot; minimum fee of $50.
            2.   Projecting signs - $.70 per square foot; minimum fee of $75.
            3.   Pole signs - $1.00 per square foot; minimum fee of $100.
            4.   Ground signs - $.70 per square foot; minimum fee of $75.
            5.   Directional signs of six square feet or less - $20. All other directional signs; see subdivisions 1. through 4. above.
            6.   Temporary real estate signs of 25 square feet or less - $20. All other real estate signs - $.40 per square foot; minimum fee of $40.
            7.   Panel changes on existing signs which do not involve changes in support, sign housing, or electrical work - $25.
            8.   Alteration, repair, or moving of signs; base fee on fees above.
            9.   Separate electrical permits and fees are required for all illuminated signs.
      (9)   Awnings and marquees.  Fifty dollars per building.  No permit will be required for individual window awnings for dwelling houses or for replacement or repairs of canvas coverings on awnings.
      (10)   Wrecking. 
         (a)   Permit fees for the wrecking of buildings shall be the sum of $30 for each 1,000 square feet of total floor area or fraction thereof. In computing total floor area, the floor areas of each story (except basement) shall be considered as a separate floor. A permit fee for the wrecking of buildings need not exceed $300.
         (b)   Where the building has a story exceeding 15 feet in height, for the purpose of computing the total floor area, each 15 feet or fraction thereof of such story height shall be considered as a separate floor.
      (11)   Moving.
         (a)   A permit shall be obtained for each operation of moving a building. Where a building is moved from one location on a lot to another location on the same lot, or from one lot to another lot, a permit shall be obtained for constructing a new basement or foundation and such information shall be provided as would be provided for any new building, such as proposed elevation of floors in relation to ground, proposed grading of yard, location of sewers, etc. The fee for the moving work shall be $100.
         (b)   Before a building is moved on or across a public thoroughfare, a surety bond must be deposited with the City Clerk in the amount approved by the City Administrator. Such bond to cover possible damage to public property and assure payment of any costs incurred by or on behalf of the City, such as but not limited to, special traffic control, signage, etc.
      (12)   New and replacement* mechanical equipment.
1, 2, 3-Family and Multifamily
$60.00 per dwelling unit
Other new systems & additions
$6.00 per 100 S.F.
Alterations to other systems
$4.00 per 100 S.F.
Unit replacement only - 5 tons or  250 MBTUH or less
$100.00 each
Unit replacement only - >5 tons or 250 MBTUH but not more than 20 tons or 1,000 MBTUH
$150.00 each
Unit replacement only - >20 tons or 1,000 MBTUH
$200.00 each
Kitchen exhaust systems
$100.00 each hood
Gas piping
$100.00 per metered system
Misc. equipment
      (13)   Fire suppression systems, sprinklers for wet and dry type, fire extinguishing sprinkler systems:
$100.00 per system
Sprinklers - new
$3.00 per 100 S.F.
Sprinklers - alterations
$1.00 per 100 S.F.
Fire pumps
$100.00 each
Kitchen hood suppression
$100.00 per system
Fire alarms - new
$2.00 per 100 S.F.
Fire alarms - alterations
$1.00 per 100 S.F.
Alternative agent fire suppression systems
$3.00 per 100 S.F.
      (14)   Fences - $25.
      (15)   Plan review fee.  Before an application will be reviewed, a plan review fee of one-half of the permit fee must be remitted. Where the permit fee is $200 or less, the total permit fee must be remitted when applying for the permit. The plan review fee is credited to the total permit fee at the time of issuance.
      (16)   Revisions.  Revised plans submitted after plans have been approved by the Building Official shall be accompanied by a $50.00 fee except revised plans submitted for work listed in division (G)(1) of this section.
   (H)   Refund of permit fees.  Refund of permit fees may be authorized if applied for within one year from the date of issuance of the permit if:
      (1)   The permit has expired by time limitation.
      (2)   The project is abandoned.
      (3)   There is a major change in the project (different type of building, different model, change of occupancy, etc.)
      Refund shall be at the discretion of the Building Official and if granted, shall be in the amount of one-half of the permit fee, less $50. No refunds shall be granted where the permit fee is $100 or less.
   (I)   Exemptions from permit and fees.  Along with the exemptions stated in division (G)(8) and (G)(9), the following items are exempt from permits or fees:
      (1)   Painting
      (2)   Minor repairs such as replacement of finishes, repairing and replacement of non-structural parts or components of building and mechanical systems but not including replacement of entire equipment.
      (3)   Screens and storm window and/or door installation, repair, or replacement
      (4)   Patio slabs (not roofed) and walks
      (5)   Residential window or wall air conditioning units
      (6)   Yard grilles
      (7)   Accessory structures under 50 square feet
      (8)   Siding
      (9)   Window and door replacement if replaced with the same size as existing
   (J)   Definitions of terms used heretofore.
      (1)   ALTERATIONS.  A change or rearrangement in a building or its mechanical equipment; or the moving of same from one location to another. The term "alter" in its various modes and tenses and its particular forms refers to the making of all alterations.
      (2)   BUILDING.  Any construction built or used for the shelter or enclosure of persons, animals, or chattels, and any part of the construction divided by required fire separations. The term "building" shall be construed as if followed by the words "or structure or part thereof."
      (3)   SQUARE FEET, S.F.  When fees are listed per square foot (S.F.) or per 100 S.F., the area shall be measured to the outside surfaces of the outside walls and shall include all stories including basements and all porches and canopies. When measuring area of signs they shall be measured as the least rectangle which encompasses the entire sign face. For signs consisting of individual letters the area shall be determined by surrounding them with a rectangle which encompasses the extreme edges of the entire message and/or logo. When the actual area is a fraction of a S.F. or 100 S.F., the area shall be rounded up to the next highest S.F. or 100 S.F., as applicable, to determine the fee.
      (4)   DWELLING.  Any building or portion thereof which is designed or used exclusively for residence purpose.
      (5)   ESTIMATED COST.  The cost of construction as stated by the applicant and approved by the Building Official or his representative, including labor and materials, based on a fair market value.
      (6)   FAMILY.  One or two individuals; or two or more individuals all of whom are related by blood, marriage, adoption, or foster parent custody, and who live as a single housekeeping unit.
      (7)   REPAIRS.  The renewal or replacement of any existing part or parts of a building for maintenance purpose only, in keeping with its existing type construction and occupancy.
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