§ 153.555 FEES.
   (A)   The fees for all applicant costs incurred in this code shall be established by City Council. Furthermore, no plan shall be accepted for filing and processing, as provided in this code, unless and until a filing fee is paid to the city and the application is deemed complete by the city.
   (B)   The owner or owner's authorized agent shall be responsible for the expenses incurred by the city in reviewing the plan or any modifications to the plan. Such expenses may include items such as the cost of professional services including expenses and legal fees in connection with reviewing the plan, prepared reports, inspections, the publication and mailing of public notice in connection therewith, and any other reasonable expenses directly attributable thereon. Ten percent shall be added to the final expenses to provide for the review of plans by city staff.
   (C)   At the time of submitting an application to the Building Official and Planning Commission for consideration, the owner or owner's authorized agent shall make a deposit with the office of the City Clerk of Council/Finance Director in the amount equal to the estimated cost of the city's expenses. The deposit shall not exceed $5,000 at any time. When this deposit has been depleted to 33 percent, another deposit may be requested by the city. For those projects where the city's costs are estimated to be less than $500, no deposit may be required. In such cases, the city's costs may be recovered by billing the owner or the owner's authorized agent. Failure to pay the above costs within 30 days of invoice shall stop all processing and review of the site development plans and shall cause suspension of all development activities on the site. The city may also make a written return to the County Auditor with a statement of the amount due and owing for failure to pay the above costs within 30 days of invoice. The amount shall be entered upon the tax duplicate as an administrative fee assessment and be a lien upon the land from and after the date of entry and be collected as other taxes and returned to the city with the general fund settlements.
(Ord. 4-2016, passed 3-2-16)