(A)   Purpose and intent. The Town of Spencer Board of Aldermen recognizes that residential properties exist within the town limits that are vacant, neglected and abandoned. The purpose of this regulation is to focus on neglected and abandoned residential properties that will continue to deteriorate into a condition that cannot be repaired if not addressed immediately. These properties are vulnerable to break-ins, criminal activity, destruction, fire and other unsafe activities. In addition, they attract and/or cause blight to surrounding properties. For these reasons, it is essential to public health, safety and welfare that the town set standards that will not allow a residential property to remain in a deteriorated or dilapidated condition for an extended period of time.
   (B)   Broken window theory. That theory states that "one broken window, left unrepaired, leads to more broken windows as it gives the appearance that no one cares for or protects the property; that the building becomes increasingly more deteriorated, and that the deterioration may have a ripple effect on other parts of the neighborhood."
   (C)   Maintenance and determination. Investigation, determination, inventory, maintenance, and violations of Vacant, Neglected and Abandoned Residential Properties are located in §§ 160.71, 160.72, 160.86 - 160.98.
(Ord. 16-12, passed 11-15-16)