(A)   No owner shall board up a residential structure without notifying the inspector for the town, no later than 48 hours after boarding it up in compliance with this chapter and to list the structure on the vacant residential structure inventory.
   (B)   Notification must be made by the owner or designee of the residential structure on a form prescribed by the land management department, and submitted to the inspector. The completed form shall contain the following information:
      (1)   The full name and mailing address of the owner;
      (2)   If the owner lives out of state, list the name and address of the caretaker of the property;
      (3)   The property address, tax parcel number, deed book and page of the residential structure to be boarded;
      (4)   A valid telephone number to reach the owner(s) and caretakers of the property;
      (5)   If the owner is a partnership or corporation, the owner shall designate one of its general partners or officers to act as its agent and provide their residence and business addresses and valid telephone numbers for the agent;
      (6)   The owner's plan for the occupancy, repair or demolition of the residential structure;
      (7)   The owner's plan for regular maintenance during the period the residential structure is boarded up; and
      (8)   Such other information as the land management department shall from time to time deem necessary.
   (C)   The owner or designee shall have a continuing duty to promptly supplement inventory information required by this section in the event that said information changes in any way from what is stated on the original form submission.
   (D)   A residential structure listed on this vacant structure inventory does not excuse the owner from compliance with any other applicable ordinance, regulation, code, or statute of the Town of Spencer Code of Ordinances. By accepting an owner's inventory submission, the land management department has not determined that the residential structure being listed is in compliance with any applicable local or state regulation or law including a designation as a neglected or abandoned structure as defined.
   (E)   Grace period. Any owner who has boarded up a residential structure prior to the effective date of this chapter shall comply with the regulations contained herein within 90 days after the effective date of this chapter. If after days, an owner has failed to notify the inspector and have their property added to the vacant residential structure inventory, the owner shall be in violation of this code.
(Ord. 16-12, passed 11-15-16)
2017 S-10