Sec. 7-3. Sale or discharge of fireworks.
   No person may sell or caused to be sold, discharge or caused to be discharged, any pyrotechnics or fireworks of any description whatsoever within the city. Exception: the discharge of fireworks as part of a professional display operated by a licensed pyrotechnic operator under the procedure set forth in the International Fire Code, as adopted from time to time.
(Code 1982, § 22-600; Ord. No. 545, 8-15-83; Ord. No. 1273, 3-19-18)
   Cross references—Health, sanitation and nuisances, Ch. 9; licenses, permits and business regulations, Ch. 10; mobile homes and mobile home parks, Ch. 12; streets, sidewalks and other public places, Ch. 14; zoning, App. A.