(a)   Materials on Sidewalks. No person shall pile, deposit or place, or cause or permit to be deposited, piled or placed, any earth, rubbish, wood, coal, merchandise, dirt or any impediment or obstruction of any kind upon or over any sidewalk.
   (b)   Slippery Substances Upon Public Ways. No person shall cast, throw, place or deposit on any sidewalk or crosswalk on any street, avenue or public place within the City any part or portion of any fruit or vegetable or other substance which, when stepped upon by any person, is liable to cause such person to slip or fall.
(Ord. 81-56. Passed 3-25-57.)
   (c)   Responsibility of Abutting Owners or Occupants. Every owner, occupant or person having charge of any house, building, lot or land fronting on any street, public roadway or highway, shall:
      (1)   Keep the sidewalk free and clear of all material and/or debris which may interfere with or impede the use of the sidewalk by the public;
      (2)   Keep the treelawn, being that area between the street curb and the sidewalk line closet to the street curb, free of all plants causing obstructions, shrubs and vegetable growths;
      (3)   Not permit the grass in the treelawn to grow more than the height of six inches.
(Ord. 41-85. Passed 1-12-87.)
   (d)   Snow and Ice Removal. Every owner, occupant or person having charge of any tenement, building, lot or land fronting on any street or highway in the City shall clear the sidewalk abutting the tenement, building, lot or land of snow or ice before 11:00 a. m. of each day and cause the same to be kept clear thereof to the width of at least two feet. If, for any cause, it is impossible to remove all the snow and ice which may adhere to such sidewalk, then every such owner, occupant or person having charge shall cover such snow and ice as remains with such a coating of ashes, sand or other substance as may be necessary to render travel thereon safe and convenient.
   No person removing snow from any driveway, sidewalk, public or private parking lot or private premises within the City shall deposit the same on the street, pavement or sidewalk of any public street or on any treelawn in any public street except the treelawn immediately in front of the premises from which the snow is removed and in the event the treelawn is inadequate to accommodate the removed snow, or if there is no treelawn, then the snow being removed shall be deposited on the front or rear yard of the premises.
(Ord. 47-84. Passed 11-26-84.)
   (e)   Noncompliance; Remedy of City. If the owner of any building, tenement, lot or land fails to comply with the provisions of subsections (a) through (d) hereof, then the Director of Public Safety may remove the snow, ice, earth, sand, brick, stone, rubbish, dead trees or dead branches of trees, or other material, weeds, grass anal growths, from the sidewalk or treelawn in front of the premises of such owner, and may charge the expense thereof to such owner, and if, upon being notified, he fails to pay the City the amount of such expense, then such amount may be certified by the proper City officer to the County Auditor and the same shall act as a lien upon the property of such owner and shall be collected as provided for in the case of special assessments.
   (f)   Display of Merchandise. No person shall erect, display, piece or maintain in, upon or over any street, alley, sidewalk or other public place in the City any fruit stand, shoe shining stand, flower stand, vegetable stand, lunch wagon, table, box, bin, basket, sack or any other container, arrangement or structure for the display or sale of goods, wares or merchandise or for the pursuit of any occupation.
(Ord. 81-56. Passed 3-25-57.)
   (g)   Leaves and Grass Clippings. No person shall dump, deposit, place or gather leaves, grass clippings or other debris in and upon any street, public roadway, highway or other public grounds or areas within the City.
   (h)   Penalty. Whoever violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
(Ord. 41-85. Passed 1-12-87.)