(a)   No person owning, keeping or having custody of any animal shall take, lead or carry such animal:
      (1)   Into any store, restaurant, or place of business selling or offering for sale, goods, merchandise, food and/or groceries, whether for consumption in the store, restaurant or place of business;
      (2)   Upon the grounds of any school;
      (3)   Upon the grounds of any public park with the exception of dogs which are kept on leash, properly cared for and cleaned up after, kept under the control of the owner at all times, and do not enter any playground area, tennis court, ball field, swimming pool, splash park, or community garden; or dogs which are in the fenced in area of Quarry Park North that is designated as the “dog park”.
      (4)   In any public building;
      (5)   Upon the center strip of Monticello Boulevard;
      (6)   Upon the center strip of Belvoir Boulevard;
      (7)   Upon the center strip of Warrensville Center Road;
   nor permit or allow such animal to enter any such store, plane of business or public building, or be upon such grounds, within the City.
   This section shall not apply to stores or places of business dealing in or servicing live animals, such as pet shops or veterinary hospitals, or to animals permitted upon school grounds by authority of the Superintendent of Schools, or to certified service animals.
   (b)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor for the first offense; for each subsequent offense, such person is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.
(Ord. 32-85. Passed 10-14-85; Ord. 60-05. Passed 9-26-05; Ord. 19-15. Passed 11-9-15.)