In addition to other penalties applicable to violations of this chapter, the Animal Warden or any police officer shall take up and impound any animal found ln violation of this chapter if such animal is not wearing a valid license tag, the Police Department may turn it over to the officer charged by law with the custody and disposal of such animal. If such animal is wearing such a tag, the Animal Warden or his designee shall immediately give the licensee, if he can be found, written notice that the animal has been taken up. The animal shall not be released except upon payment to the City of the amount of twenty dollars ($20.00) for the first instance of impounding, and fifty dollars ($50.00) for every instance afterwards,  plus such costs as may be incurred by the City for impounding. For each day an animal is kept in the kennel, a fee of ten dollars ($10.00) for board shall be collected. Animals not reclaimed within three days of written notice to the owner or three days when the owner cannot be found, shall be delivered to the County Animal Warden for disposition.
(Ord. 32-85. Passed 10-14-85; Ord. 10-06.  Passed 3-27-06.)