Every dealer in secondhand articles shall keep a book in which shall be legibly written, in English, at the time of every purchase or sale, the name, address, driver's license number or identification number from a card issued under Ohio R.C. 4507.50 to 4507.52 and the number and type and issuing company of one additional card typically used for identification purposes in financial transactions of the person from whom the item was purchased ; a description of every article so purchased or sold, the number or numbers and any monograms, inscription or other marks of identification that may appear on the article, a description of the articles or pieces comprising old gold, silver, platinum or other metals, and any monograms, description of the person from which such purchases were made or to whom sold, and the day and hour of the purchase or sale provided that the holder of a Federal license to smelt precious metals shall not be held by reason thereof to be exempt from the provisions of this chapter.
   Such book shall at all reasonable times be open to the inspection of any law enforcement officer, to the Building Commissioner or any person designated by him. Such book shall be substantially bound and of a size not less than six inches in length and breadth. No entry in such book shall be erased, obliterated, altered or defaced.
No person shall use a fictitious name or address when such person sells or exchanges merchandise to any secondhand dealer in the City.
(Ord. 28-80. Passed 11-24-80.)