(a)   Any person, firm or corporation using a vehicle or machine to remove snow from private driveways and/or parking lots in the City for a fee or charge of any kind shall secure a permit from the Department of Police of the City prior to doing any snow removal.
   (b)   Prior to the issuance of each permit, each applicant shall furnish the make, model and serial number of the vehicle to be used; and the name, address and telephone number of the owner and/or operator employed. Each applicant shall pay the sum of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for the first motor vehicle and ten dollars ($10.00) for each additional motor vehicle such permit which shall cover a period extending from the date of issuance to May 15 following the issuance thereof.
(Ord. 23-84. Passed 10-22-84.)
   (c)   Bond Required. Prior to the issuance of each permit, each applicant shall also execute and file with the Director of Finance a good and sufficient bond in the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2, 500), which bond shall be subject to approval of the Director of Law and shall be conditioned upon the faithful performance of all contractual arrangements, whether oral or written, entered into by such applicant with residents of the City for snow removal and to indemnify such residents for any and all loss sustained by reason of any misrepresentation or breach of such contract or arrangement, and to indemnify the contracting owner or resident of the property being serviced by such applicant for any and all damage to the premises and further to indemnify the City for any and all damage or loss sustained by reason of snow removal by the applicant.
(Ord. 39-83. Passed 10-8-84.)
   (d)   Prior to the issuance of each permit, the individual, firm or corporation seeking the permit shall be required to provided proof in the form of a signed affidavit, that the individual, firm or corporation does not have any outstanding judgments against them, in this or any other jurisdiction within the State of Ohio, relating to the operation of their snow plowing/removal business. The person signing the affidavit must be the individual or an officer of the corporation or legal entity seeking the permit. The City may refuse the issuance of any permit or revoke a previously issued permit for good cause shown.
   (e)   Prior to the issuance of each permit, each applicant shall furnish, in addition to those requirements set forth in subsection (d) hereof, the commercial license plate number for each vehicle, proof of insurance or financial responsibility, and a list of the addresses of the properties to be served by said applicant which shall be supplemented throughout said permit period.
(Ord. 65-95. Passed 11-13-95; Ord. 47-04. Passed 7-26-04; Ord. 42-09. Passed 9-14-09.)