For the purpose of this chapter, the following phrases and words shall have the meanings assigned below, except in those instances where the context clearly indicates a different meaning.
   (a)   "Director" means the Director of Public Safety of the City of South Euclid, or his authorized representative.
   (b)   "Person" means any person, individual, firm, corporation, association or partnership.
   (c)   "Coin-operated dry cleaning" means the cleaning of textiles, fabrics, garments or other articles by the use of any solvent other than water in a dry cleaning unit designed to be used or used by the general public, either for a fee or by the insertion of a coin or token into a receptacle on or near such unit.
   (d)   "Coin-operated dry cleaning machine" means the machinery and equipment in which coin-operated dry cleaning shall be conducted.
   (e)   "Machine service area" means that space, separated from the public area by a solid partition, in a premises wherein coinoperated dry cleaning is conducted, where access to the dry cleaning machines can be had and where solvent storage facilities are located.
(Ord. 35-62. Passed 11-26-62)