Riparian and Wetlands Setbacks
780.01   Purpose.
780.02   Rules of construction.
780.03   Conflicts, severability, nuisances and responsibility.
780.04   Scope.
780.05   Consultations.
780.06   Riparian and wetland setback requirements.
780.07   Establishment of designated watercourses and riparian setbacks.
780.08   Establishment of wetland setbacks.
780.09   Procedure for wetland setbacks.
780.10   Uses permitted in riparian and wetland setbacks.
780.11   Uses prohibited in riparian and wetland setbacks.
780.12   Non-conforming structures or uses in riparian and wetland setbacks.
780.13   Boundary interpretation and appeals procedure.
780.14   Inspection of riparian and wetland setback.
780.15   Violations.
780.99   Penalty.