Performance Standards
748.01   Application of chapter.
748.02   Definitions relating to sound.
748.03   Method of measurement of sound levels.
748.04   Maximum permitted decibel levels.
748.05   Special provisions for sound along district boundaries.
748.06   Definitions relating to vibration.
748.07   Method of measurement of vibration.
748.08   Maximum permitted steady state vibration displacement.
748.09   Maximum permitted impact vibration displacement.
748.10   Special provisions for vibration along district boundaries.
748.11   Definitions relating to smoke, dust and other particulate matter.
748.12   Maximum permitted emission of smoke.
748.13   Dust and odorous matter.
748.14   Toxic or noxious matter defined.
748.15   Regulation of toxic or noxious matter.
748.16   Definitions relating to fire and explosive hazards.
748.17   Classifications of fire and explosive hazards.
748.18   Regulations applying to Class I materials or products.
748.19   Regulations applying to Class II materials or products.
748.20   Regulations applying to Class III materials or products.
748.21   Regulations applying to Class IV materials or products.
748.22   Humidity, heat or glare.
748.23   Waste materials.
748.24   Radioactive or electrical disturbances.
748.25   Lighting.
   Municipal zoning - see Ohio R.C. 713.06 et seq.
   Noxious odors - see GEN. OFF. 521.08
   Prohibited uses, activities and conditions - see P. & Z. 711.06
   Manufacturing objectives - see P. & Z. 740.01
   Permitted uses in Manufacturing Districts - see P. & Z. Ch. 741