General Provisions
   71.01   West side weight limitations
   71.02   East side weight limitations
   71.03   Regulation of speed by traffic signals
   71.04   Driving on play streets
   71.05   Motor driven or electric cycles, scooters or skateboards
   71.06   Overweight and/or oversized vehicles; licenses for same
   71.07   Covers or tarpaulins required for certain loads; public nuisance declared
Driving While Intoxicated
   71.35   Driving under the influence of alcohol, other drug, or combination of both
   71.36   Suspension of driver's license
   71.37   Chemical and other tests
   71.38   Admissibility of chemical tests of blood or urine conducted in the regular course of providing emergency medical treatment
   71.39   Preliminary breath screening test
   71.40   Driver involvement in personal injuries or fatal motor vehicle accident; chemical test
   71.41   Youthful intoxicated drivers' visitation program
   71.42   Suspension of driver's license; persons under age 21
   71.43   Transportation or possession of alcoholic liquor in a motor vehicle
   71.50   Sound amplification devices
Automated Traffic Enforcement
   71.60   Definitions
   71.61   Intersections controlled
   71.62   Administrator
   71.63   Violations and notice
   71.64   Right to hearing; challenge
   71.65   Final determination and notice
   71.66   Petition for rehearing
   71.67   Suspension notice
   71.68   Certified report; challenge
   71.69   Penalty
   Code Hearing Department, see §§ 32.50 et seq.