Liquor Control
521.01   Definitions.
521.02   Article not applicable to certain uses by physicians, druggists and others.
521.03   Prohibited acts generally.
521.04   Unlawful sale or possession by alcoholic liquor licensee.
521.05   Unlawful purchase of alcoholic    liquors from State agency.
521.06   Intoxication or drinking in public places; illegal possession.
521.07   Acts prohibited by non-intoxicating beer licensee.
521.08   Unlawful purchase of non-intoxicating beer.
521.09   Acts prohibited by private club licensee.
521.10   Unlawful purchase from private club.
521.11   Acts prohibited by wine dealers.
521.12   Unlawful purchase of wine.
521.13   Unlawful purchase from retail liquor licensee.
521.14   Sale of alcoholic liquor and nonintoxicating beer permitted on Sunday.
521.15   Hard cider.
521.99   Penalty.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Authority to regulate liquor sales - see W. Va. Code 8-12-5(20)
Nonintoxicating beer - see W. Va. Code Art. 11-16
Local option - see W. Va. Code Art. 60-5
Search warrants - see W. Va. Code 60-6-18
Public drunkenness - see GEN. OFF. 517.05