The City Manager shall, subject to the supervision and control of the Mayor:
   (a)   Act as the business administrative officer of the City;
   (b)   Except as may be specifically provided otherwise in the Charter, be responsible for the management of all real property owned by the City;
   (c)   Retain custody of all contracts to which the City is a party, all insurance policies and all books, records and papers relating to the business affairs of the City which are under his or her supervision, exclusive of those books and records that are to be kept by the City Clerk, pursuant to Article VI, Section 6.1, and by the City Treasurer, pursuant to Article VIII, Section 8.2, of the Charter;
   (d)   Enforce the ordinances and laws of the City, the enforcement of which is not otherwise charged to the Chief of Police or police department pursuant to Article XVI, Section 16.4, of the Charter;
   (e)   Assist the Mayor in updating the City Council monthly and recommending such actions as may be necessary or expedient for the welfare of the City, and keep the City Council informed as to the affairs of the City;
   (f)   Have custody of and be responsible for maintaining all bonds, records and papers in such fireproof vault as the City shall provide;
   (g)   Examine and approve all proposed contracts to which the City may be a party, and may sign on behalf of the City any contract authorized by the City Council, excepting where the City Council directs that some other officer shall do so;
   (h)   Ensure that the terms of all contracts to which the City is a party are executed and that such terms are fully performed by all parties thereto;
   (i)   Keep a current inventory showing all real and personal property of the City and its location, and shall be responsible for the care and custody of all such property including equipment, buildings, parks and all other City property, except where such care and custody is otherwise specifically provided by law or the Charter to some other officer or body;
   (j)   Be responsible for the publication of all notices, ordinances or other documents required by law to be published, and shall prepare or cause to be prepared, all reports which the City or any of the officials thereof are required by law to prepare, exclusive of any publications that are to be made by the City Clerk pursuant to Article VI, Section 6.1, of the Charter;
   (k)   Assist the City Clerk with all notices, ballots and election supplies necessary in connection with the municipal elections;
   (l)   Prepare and have custody of all records required by law to be kept by the City and not by a specific officer;
   (m)   Cause to be kept a complete set of maps and plats showing the location of all City utilities, and other municipal properties, all streets and other public places and all lots or parcels of land subdivided according to law; and
   (n)   Coordinate and manage grant requests as well as capital projects for improvements for all City Departments.
      (Ord. 2099. Passed 7-19-07.)