CHAPTER FIVE - Administrative
Art. 121. Mayor.
Art. 122. City Manager.
Art. 123. Treasurer.
Art. 125. City Attorney.
Art. 127. Department of Public Works.
Art. 129. City Engineer/Building Inspector.
Art. 131. Fire Department.
Art. 133. Police Department.
Art. 135. Director of Public Safety.
Art. 139. Planning and Zoning Commission.
Art. 141. Parks and Recreation.
Art. 143. Kanawha Valley Regional Transportation Authority.
Art. 145. Municipal Building Commission.
Art. 147. Hospital Advisory Board.
Art. 149. Historic Landmarks Commission.
Art. 150. Criel Mound Park.
Art. 151. Public Library.
Art. 153. Property Board.
Art. 155. Business Revitalization Commission. (Repealed)
Art. 157. Human Rights Commission.
Art. 159. Commission for the Promotion of Visual Arts.
Art. 161. Commission for Beautification of the Community of South Charleston.
Art. 163. South Charleston Development Authority.
Art. 164. Land Reuse Agency.
Art. 165. Officers and Employees.
Art. 167. Personnel Policy.