(a)    Board. The Agency shall operate under the control of a board of directors.
   (b)   Membership. The board shall consist of nine voting members who shall be appointed and serve pursuant to the terms of this article. The nine members shall be composed of the following:
      (1)   The Mayor, or his or her designee;
      (2)    The City Manager, or his or her designee;
      (3)   The City Engineer, or his or her designee;
      (4)   The City Treasurer, or his or her designee;
      (5)   The City Public Works Director, or his or her designee;
      (6)   Two members of City Council, appointed by the President of Council; and
      (7)   Two members from the general public who are residents of the City and meet the qualification requirements in this section, appointed by the Mayor with the consent of Council. In addition, the City Attorney, or his or her designee, shall be non-voting member to provide advice to the board. The board may request assistance from any City department or employee as needed.
   (c)   Qualifications. 
      (1)   Each member of the board from the general public shall have experience in one or more of the following areas:
         A.   Real estate or building rehabilitation,
         B.   Real estate transactions or financing,
         C.   Development of commercial or residential property,
         D.   Land conservation or preservation,
         E.   Public safety,
         F.   City planning,
         G.   Affordable housing.
      (2)   The board shall include at least one voting member who:
         A.   Is a resident of the City,
         B.   Is not a public official or municipal employee, and
         C.   Maintains membership with a recognized civic organization within the City.
   (d)   Removal. A member may be removed from office in accordance with the rules established by the board pursuant to Section 164.04. A member so removed is ineligible for reappointment to the board unless the reappointment is confirmed unanimously by the board.
   (e)   Terms. The terms of the board members consisting of the Mayor, City Manager, City Engineer, City Treasurer, and City Public Works Director shall last as long as each holds their respective position. Once such a position vacates, such position on the board is automatically filled by the person's duly qualified successor to that position. Each appointed member, consisting of two members of City Council and two members from the general public, shall each serve a term of three years, beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31, except that the terms of the three initial members who are appointed shall be from the effective date of this ordinance until the following date, with the term corresponding to the term number assigned to such member upon appointment:
      (1)   Term One: December 31, 2020;
      (2)   Term Two: December 31, 2021;
      (3)   Term Three: December 31, 2022; and
      (4)   Term Four: December 31, 2023.
   (f)   Vacancies. Each appointed member shall continue in office until a successor is duly appointed except in the event of the member's removal, death, or delivery of written resignation to Council. A vacancy on the board shall be filled for the remaining term in the same manner as an original appointment.
   (g)   Officers. The members of the board shall select annually from among their members a chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, and any other officers as the board determines. (Ord. 2283. Passed 10-17-19.)