(a)   When a law which has repealed another is itself repealed, the former law shall not be revived without express words for that purpose.
(WVaC 2-2-9)
   (b)   The repeal of a law, or its expiration by virtue of any provision contained therein, shall not affect any offense committed, or penalty or punishment incurred, before the repeal took effect or the law expired, save only that the proceedings thereafter shall conform as far as practicable to the laws in force at the time such proceedings take place, unless otherwise specially provided; and that if any penalty or punishment be mitigated by the new law, such new law may, with the consent of the part affected thereby, be applied to any judgment pronounced after it has taken effect.
(WVaC 2-2-8)
   (c)   The repeal by any provision of the Codified Ordinances of an ordinance validating previous acts, contracts or transactions shall not affect the validity of such acts, contracts or transactions, but the same shall remain as valid as if there had been no such repeal, but no further.
(WVaC 2-2-11)