Numbering on all houses and buildings within the corporate limits of the City shall meet the following numbering requirements within 120 days of the final passage of this section. The owner of every house or building shall install house numbers on their building or house in conformance with the following requirements:
   (a)   Color. All displayed numbers shall be a constrasting color from that of the building or house upon which they are located. (A.O.)
   (b)   Height. All numbers shall be displayed at least four feet above ground level, if attached to the house. No number shall exceed eight feet above ground level. All individual numbers shall be no smaller than four inches, or no larger than six inches in size.
   (c)   Location. If such building or house number is not clearly visible from the street, then the number shall be displayed from a permanently installed marker adjacent to driveway, walkway or street, or shall be painted on the curb.
      (Ord. 1817. Passed 7-15-93.)
   (d)   General Provisions. The City Engineer shall advise all house or building owners of the correct numbers which are to be displayed. Failure to comply with the terms of this section shall subject the offender to the penalty provided in Section 1705.99.