In designating and directing the numbering of buildings as provided in Sections 1721.01 and 1721.02, the Building Inspector shall, unless in his judgment the same be impracticable, give to each business lot or building of not less than twenty feet frontage, a separate number, and to each residence lot or building of not less than forty feet likewise a number; and may require any double house or upstairs apartments within such space to be designated by half numbers or by letters, "A," "B" and "C," or the like. Any person aggrieved by the actions of the Building Inspector hereunder may apply to Council for review of this action within thirty days from the receipt of the notice herein provided for, and thereupon Council shall hear the complaint of such person and the statement of the Building Inspector in reference thereto, if he shall elect to make such statement, and shall make such investigation in the premises as it may deem proper and thereupon affirm or reverse the action of the Inspector and make such order as Council shall deem right. Thereupon it shall be the duty of such person to comply with the order of Council. (1970 Code Sec. 6-18)