The City Manager shall be the chief administrative officer of the city.  He or she may head one or more departments and shall be responsible to the City Council for the proper administration of all affairs of the city.  To that end, he or she shall have power and shall be required to:
   A.   For a period of six months following his or her hiring, the City Manager may hire or terminate an employee of the city only with Council consent.  Thereafter, he or she may hire or terminate an employee without Council approval, except that he or she must secure Council approval for the hiring or removal of any department head;
   B.   Prepare the budget annually and submit it to the Council, together with a message describing the important features, and be responsible for its administration after adoption;
   C.   Prepare and submit to the Council, as of the end of the fiscal year, a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the city for the preceding year;
   D.   Keep the Council advised of the financial condition and future needs of the city, and make any recommendations as the Council may deem desirable;
   E.   Recommend to the governing body a standard schedule of pay for each appointive office and position in the city service, including minimum, immediate, and maximum rates;
   F.   Recommend to the governing body, from time to time, adoption of any measures as he or she may deem necessary or expedient for the health, safety, or welfare of the community, or for the improvement of administrative services;
   G.   Create, consolidate or combine offices, positions, departments, or units under his or her jurisdiction, with the approval of the City Council, which can consist of the following department heads and/or directors:
      1.   Community Development Director;
      2.   Economic Development Director;
      3.   Finance and Administrative Services Director;
      4.   Human Resources Director;
      5.   Parks and Recreation Director; and
      6.   Public Works Director;
   H.   Attend all meetings of the City Council unless excused therefrom, and take part in the discussion of all matters coming before the Council.  He or she shall be entitled to notice of all regular and special meetings of the Council;
   I.   Supervise the purchase of all materials, supplies, and equipment for which funds are provided in the budget; let contracts necessary for operation or maintenance of city services for amounts up to and including $30,000; receive Council permission for purchases or contracts in excess of $30,000; receive sealed bids for purchases or contracts in excess of $30,000, and to present them to Council for approval; and advise the Council on the advantages or disadvantages of contract and bid proposals.  No purchase shall be made, contract let, or obligation incurred for any item or service which exceeds the current budget appropriation without a supplemental appropriation by the Council.  No contract for new construction shall be let, except by the City Council.  The Manager may issue any rules governing purchasing procedures within the administrative organization as the Council shall approve;
   J.   Investigate the affairs of the city, or any department or division thereof; investigate all complaints in relation to matters concerning the administration of the government of the city, and in regard to service maintained by the public utilities in the city; and see that all franchises, permits, and privileges granted by the city are faithfully observed; and
   K.   Perform any other duties as may be required by the Council, not inconsistent with state law or city ordinance.
(Ord. 2008-004, passed 3-18-2008; Ord. 2018-005, passed 10-2-2018)
   Procurement policy, see Art. 3-5