1660.01   Access streets, roadways and driveways
   1660.02   Fire lanes on private property devoted to public use
   1660.03   Disposal of flammable, combustible or explosive materials
   1660.04   Use of heat-producing grills
   1660.05   Exhaust systems; restaurant cooking equipment
   1660.06   Posting arson laws
   1660.07   Setting fires which spread
   1660.08   Responsibilities upon discovery of unfriendly fires
   1660.09   Sale and use of fire equipment; standards; service and repair of equipment
   1660.095   Key boxes on commercial buildings
   1660.10   Flammable and combustible above-ground storage tanks
   1660.11   Electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS)
   1660.99   Penalty
   Dry cleaning and dyeing, see R.C. Ch. 3739
   Explosives; fire prevention, see R.C. Ch. 3743
   Gasoline, oils and paint, see R.C. Ch. 3741
   Obstruction of fire hydrants, see § 660.11
   Petroleum liquids and gases, see R.C. §§ 3737.17 et seq.
   Power to regulate against fires, see R.C. § 737.27, Ch. 3737
   Right to examine buildings, see R.C. § 3737.14
   Smoke detectors, see § 1485.01
   State Fire Marshal, see R.C. Ch. 3737