(a)   A certification of use for the property or a certificate of occupancy for a new or substantially improved structure or an addition shall not be issued until:
      (1)   The permit applicant provides a properly completed, signed, and sealed elevation or floodproofing certificate showing finished construction data as required by § 4.6;
      (2)   If a mitigation plan is required by this chapter, all work identified in the plan has been completed according to the plan's schedule;
      (3)   The applicant provides copies of all required federal, state, and local permits noted in the permit application per this chapter;
      (4)   All other provisions of this chapter have been met.
   (b)   The floodplain administrator or designated staff may accept a performance bond or other security that will ensure that unfinished portions of the project will be completed after the certification of use or certificate of occupancy has been issued.
(Ord. 77-21, passed 7-6-2021)