§ 156.068  FLOODWAYS.
   (a)   Floodways located within areas of special flood hazard established in § 156.031 are areas designated as floodways.
   (b)   Since the floodway is an extremely hazardous area due to the velocity of flood waters which carry debris, potential projectiles and erosion potential, the following provisions shall apply:
      (1)   Designate a regulatory floodway which will not increase the base flood level more than one foot; and
      (2)   Encroachments are prohibited, including fill, new construction, substantial improvements, and other development within the adopted regulatory floodway (except for public works projects such as bridges, culverts, low water crossings, roads, public utilities, and the like); and
      (3)   Under the provisions of 44 C.F.R. Chapter 1, § 65.12, of the National Flood Insurance Program regulations, a community may permit encroachments within the adopted regulatory floodway that would result in an increase in base flood elevations, provided that the applicant first applies for a conditional FIRM and floodway revision through FEMA; and
      (4)   Pipeline river or stream crossings shall be buried in the stream bed and banks or otherwise sufficiently protected to prevent rupture due to channel degradation and meandering or due to the action of flood flows; and
      (5)   The maintenance of existing levees is permissible; and
      (6)   Residential development is prohibited within the regulated floodway portion of the regularity floodplain; and
      (7)   Any work exempted and allowed is required to show a no-rise for any floodway and floodplain up and downstream from the project area.
(1992 Code, § 45-22)  (Ord. 70-09, passed 8-3-2009; Ord. 85-11, passed 11-14-2011; Ord. 77-21, passed 7-6-2021)