The city of Sioux Falls shall review all floodplain development permit applications to determine whether proposed development areas will be reasonably safe from flooding.
   (a)   Hydraulic and hydrologic analyses. The hydraulic and hydrologic analyses must be completed prior to the public hearing on the Preliminary Subdivision Plan.
      (1)   No development shall:
         A.   Obstruct flow, defined as development which blocks the conveyance of floodwaters by itself or with other development, causing any increase in the BFE flood height; or
         B.   Cause any increase in the BFE flood height due to floodplain storage area lost.
      (2)   The floodplain administrator and/or designated staff shall deny permits if it is determined the proposed development will obstruct flow or cause any increase in the BFE flood height, based on the officially adopted FIRM or other adopted map.
      (3)   The city of Sioux Falls Engineering Design Standards, Chapter 11, Drainage Improvements, shall regulate the hydraulic and hydrologic analyses standards and compliance.
(Ord. 94-16, passed 8-2-2016; Ord. 77-21, passed 7-6-2021)