(a)   These regulations relating to original art murals in the City of Sioux Falls further the following purposes:
      (1)   Encouraging artistic expression and the creation of more murals;
      (2)   Protect adjacent property owners;
      (3)   Maintain existing murals that are a valued part of the history of the City of Sioux Falls;
      (4)   Keep a directory of murals including pictures and a historical account; and
      (5)   Contribute to the cultural identity of a neighborhood and foster a sense of pride.
   (b)   The city wishes to encourage the installation of murals and at the same time prevent the proliferation of off-premise signs. This mural subchapter is intended to work in tandem with and help preserve the intent of the off-premise sign code set forth in §§ 160.587 et seq. of this Code. Adequacy of message opportunity will be available to sign users without dominating the visual appearance of the area.
   (c)   These mural regulations also promote public safety and welfare by regulating such displays in keeping with the following objectives:
      (1)   That the design, construction, installation, repair, and maintenance of such displays will not interfere with traffic safety or otherwise endanger public safety.
      (2)   That the regulations will provide reasonable protection to the visual environment by controlling the minimum improvement and maintenance of the displays.
      (3)   That the public will enjoy the aesthetic benefits of being able to view such displays that are reasonably and appropriately regulated without having to endure visual blight and traffic safety impacts that would be caused by such displays that are not reasonably and appropriately regulated.
      (4)   That consideration will be given to equalizing the opportunity for messages and artistic expression to be displayed.
      (5)   That the regulations will conform to judicial decisions, thereby limiting further costly litigation and facilitating enforcement of these regulations.
      (6)   To provide registration requirements for murals as defined by this subchapter.
(Ord. 38-21, passed 4-6-2021)