Sale of tickets at more than face value prohibited.
   (a)   It shall be unlawful for any person to resell or attempt to resell a ticket to an event to be held at any sporting event, theatre, music hall, or other place of public entertainment, amusement, or instruction (collectively the "event") for an amount greater than the face value printed on such ticket on the grounds of such event or within a one-half-mile radius of each such event.  No ticket stub which has provided the bearer entry to the first game of a double header and serves to provide re-entry to the second game of a double header event at that event may be resold or attempted to be resold for any amount. 
   (b)   For purposes of this section:
      (1)   "Resell" or "attempt to resell" shall mean to advertise or solicit for resale, and shall include any sale or attempted sale subsequent to the initial offer to the public; and
      (2)   "Ticket stub" shall mean a portion of a ticket retained by the user which has provided entry to the first game of a double header at that facility and which serves to provide re-entry for the second game.
(Ord. 51-13, passed 8-20-2013)